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Saturday, June 13th, 2009
10:29 pm
Writer's Block: Not Even If You Paid Me
What do you think is the worst job?
"A jizz-mopper is described, in Kevin Smith's low-budget classic Clerks, as 'the guy who cleans up the nudie booth after each guy jerks off.'"

Telemarketer/Bill Collector. There's more dignity in being a jizz-mopper.

Current Mood: apathetic
Tuesday, October 14th, 2008
5:29 pm
weird ass pinball news... sort-of
When it comes to Google, I'm kindof a power user.... or in the least experimental. One of my favorites is setting up custom news that searches for specific key words... such as pinball.

Results are never in short supply but like all searches, the problem is the flood of false positives -- things that contain my keywords but aren't really about the desired subject. To eliminate that, I create long lists of negative key words. e.g., Search for everything containing "pinball," but don't return the ones that also contain, "Clemens" (sports) or "Townsend" or "Daltrey" (The Who's Tommy). That helps.

To avoid filtering real news I have to exercise these negative key words cautiously which means that there are an awful lot of one-offs: things that aren't about the subject I want but wouldn't show up again often if ever.

Sometimes these false positives can be really... weird.

With pinball especially, journalists seem compelled to describe chaotic things using pinball terms in cliche metaphors and similes. Traffic accidents are common hits... just not in an easily defined formula.

Others can be really fun and interesting particularly for those of us who view the world through our Lokian and Cthonic senses that have an undying lust for all that which is chaos. Thus, these are what I've decided to call "Weird Ass Pinball News," which I'll share from time to time. And so, here is today's...

Weird Ass Pinball News for Tuesday October 14, 2008
Playing Pinball With Atoms: How To Turn Nanotech Devices On And Off

Current Mood: cthonic
Sunday, October 12th, 2008
3:37 pm
home arcade update
I haven't done a good job of keeping up with the arcade progress, so here's a monster update. all things in excessCollapse )

Current Mood: determined
Monday, April 14th, 2008
5:19 pm
video card adventures
I finally gave in and bought a new video card: BFG Nvidia 8800 GTS 512MB OC.

Of course, there`s a long story.Collapse )

Current Mood: drained
Wednesday, March 19th, 2008
11:41 am
blasphemous rumors
I don't usually talk about my "personal life" on this blog so let me summarize to say that I'm in a relationship with an awesome person.

Today this awesome person sent me an IM with just this url:

I clicked and it was an article about Arthur C. Clarke's funeral. I didn't know he died so I replied:
(me) I'm sorry :(

The response?
he's having a non religious funeral. ROCK

Naturally, I replied again with the only thing left I could say at this point:
(me) he's goin' to hell :(

It's good to finally share a common faith with someone.

Current Mood: proud
Thursday, February 14th, 2008
4:53 pm
three lock box
So I have my little arcade collection now... 3 video arcade machines and 9 pinball tables total. Each of the twelve machines has a lock to the coin door. Additionally, each of the pinball tables has a lock for the head unit and backglass. Video arcades have a lock in the back to access the monitor and circuit boards.

In other words, each game has two locks. That's 24 locks total for my present "collection." Some were missing their locks. Worse, some still had locks but were missing their keys so I had no immediate access to this inside of the machine.

read about my fun with locksCollapse )

Current Mood: determined
Wednesday, February 6th, 2008
4:40 pm
I guess if you're dumb enough to buy it...
This is Microsoft's way of admitting that only stupid people by Vista:

Instructions: How to open the box (,stupid).

Current Mood: apathetic
Thursday, January 31st, 2008
4:12 pm
ManBearPig is real.
Look, I'm not a Democrat, ok? I'm not pointing any fingers at Americans, Republicans, or the automotive industry, and I'm not even trying to say that we can predict the weather ten years from now when we still can't tell if it's going to rain tomorrow.

All I'm trying to say is.... it's fucking SNOWING in the MIDDLE EAST.

Rare Snowstorm
Published: January 31, 2008

Snow brought Jerusalem and other cities around the Middle East to a grinding halt as icy weather conditions gripped the mainly desert region. Streets in Jerusalem were deserted during the morning rush hour, and classes were canceled. Snow blocked roads to the Jordanian capital, Amman, and schools, universities and banks in the kingdom were shut. Severe storms battered much of Lebanon, with torrential downpours and hailstorms hitting Beirut and heavy snow blocking roads in mountainous regions. In Syria, snow fell overnight on Damascus, and Syrian television reported the closing of secondary roads in the south.

Link to Real NY Times Article

ManBearPig explained.

Some say the end is near.
Some say we'll see Armageddon soon.
I certainly hope we will.
I sure could use a vacation from this...

Current Mood: wtf
10:50 am
game of the year
Since I am voting, I hope I don't get called for Gamefly Jury Duty or something.

Current Mood: pleased
Thursday, January 10th, 2008
6:03 pm
green grass and high tides forever? (spoilers, I guess)
As you may have guessed from the subject line, I finished Rock Band on Medium last night in solo career mode. The multi-player version has a lot of tasks you have to do that involve paying the same songs in different venues.

The single player version.... goes straight down the list and is even less clever about it than the first two Guitar Hero games. Only with Rock Band, there's no encore, no "boss battle" as in GH3, and no super-fast-unknown-metal-band-song.

Basically, it goes straight from "Green Grass and High Tides Forever" (or at least a cover version of it) to credits. I'm a fan... I buy every stupid overpriced single they put on XBL for either Guitar Hero games or Rock Band... but that was awfully anti-climactic.

Current Mood: apathetic
Monday, January 7th, 2008
3:02 pm
happy little elf christmas special
Someone must have purged my file from Santa's Oracle server. I got one of these for Christmas.

...but I don't know whether or not I should open it?

I bought one of these a couple of months ago and haven't opened it yet. It doesn't seem to be in short supply...was it really even limited? (And what's with the tiny hard drive, anyway?):

Current Mood: confused
Friday, December 14th, 2007
3:41 pm
Monday, December 10th, 2007
3:04 pm
a party in the fires of mt. doom
I can't say I would have looked forward to visiting Houston, but I still wish I had gotten to go to the event.

Luckily, other people went and took pictures. Follow this link to see more pictures from the Houston Arcade Expo 2007.

Current Mood: envious
Wednesday, December 5th, 2007
3:47 pm
movin' (pt2)
The worst is over now... I think.
the log (continued)Collapse )

Current Mood: blah
Wednesday, November 28th, 2007
11:23 am
movin' on up
It could not accurately be called "done," but we are completely out of the apartment so in the least we can now say we live at the new address.
daily moving logCollapse )

Current Mood: drained
Monday, November 12th, 2007
12:08 pm
home is where your crap is
I closed on my first house on Friday.
Details within - click and read.Collapse )

Current Mood: anxious
Thursday, August 30th, 2007
2:01 pm
the game stops here
It's rare to find a Gamestop employee who isn't both an idiot and a rude one these days and I'd only found one at this location. Since I pre-order 1-2 games a week from them but can't always pick them up the day they arrive, he marked my account to hold them.

This location had a new employee last week when I went to pick up my pre-ordered games.

For me the game stopped here.Collapse )

Current Mood: relieved
Thursday, August 23rd, 2007
4:39 pm
broke stuff
My home arcade is expanding but in order to do so affordably, I'm only buying things that don't work... or something. (I'm kidding... it just seems that way.)

Here's the current inventory:
Tempest  (full sized) - awesome condition, works great
Cleopatra (pinball, solid state version) - good condition, needs a score display fixed,  a light bulb changed and a bumper switch  replaced
Marvel vs. Capcom (full sized) - awesome condition, needs 1 button replaced on player 2
Galaxy (pinball) - good condition, no repairs needed
Vampire Saviour II (Japanese CPSII board set) -- these can replace the Marvel Vs. Capcom board set
Quicksilver (pinball) - awesome condition but cpu needs repair (will be shipping the board to be repaired)
Galaga (full sized, original cabinet) - cabinet is in excellent condition, board appears to have a minor ram problem, may also need new power supply

I have two other projects that I may be adding soon--will post about them when I have them in hand. :)

Current Mood: nervous
Friday, July 6th, 2007
3:09 pm
news: Japanese gamer notices Microsoft game system
Blue Dragon helped a little. Forza 2 helped a lot. With this news that the X-Box 360 version of Virtua Fighter 5 will have online play via X-Box Live and the will include the latest revision of the arcade game, X-Box 360 may finally have a presence in Japan worthy of notice.

Of course, I have some comments.Collapse )

Current Mood: pleased
Thursday, July 5th, 2007
1:51 pm
the 2.2 billion dollar camaro
No, it's not the new "Bumblebee." Rather, it was the closing bid for a car sold via Forza 2's in-game "Auction House" feature.
Read the details and comments here.Collapse )

Current Mood: jealous
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