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movin' on up

It could not accurately be called "done," but we are completely out of the apartment so in the least we can now say we live at the new address.

FRI Nov 09: closing date
  • showed up late due to trying to find an open bank on the way
  • one hour signing papers
  • rest of the day spent figuring out how they got the numbers they had
  • sellers paid to lease back for one week, scheduled move-in date of Nov 16

    THU NOV 15: the last night of having to sleep in the apartment
  • sellers called to say they had moved out early and left the keys
  • visited the house and moved less than a single car load

    FRI NOV 16: scheduled move-in date
  • temporarily traded car for a relative's long-bed F150
  • argued about whether to move the bed that night until it was late...
  • then moved the bed

    SAT NOV 17
  • began moving arcade games from storage to first floor foyer (to have movers take upstairs)
  • removed small kitchen stuff from then condensed everything into the large storage unit to get rid of the bill on the smaller one

    SUN NOV 18
  • packed and loaded truck repeatedly all day

    MON NOV 19
  • packed and loaded truck repeatedly all day

    TUE NOV 20
  • finally scheduled movers... for Fri Nov 23

    WED NOV 21: original target date to be moved out (before Thanksgiving)
  • spent the day packing and moving one truckload after the next

    THU NOV 22: Thanksgiving (aka Day of Gluttony)
  • most of the day with food and relatives
  • packed and moved stuff that night in the truck

    FRI NOV 23: Black Friday (aka Day of Spending)
  • three movers loaded the two pinball from the apartment, heavy furniture, heavy packed books and shelving
  • movers took TV, 4 pinballs and 3 video arcade cabinets upstairs
  • movers left most of the boxes in rows of stacks in the foyer where the games previously were
  • seven and a half hours of moving cost $1000
  • learned that apt. manager left midday Wed Nov 21 for the weekend (couldn't talk to about walk-through until he got back Monday morning)

    SAT NOV 24: Tori Amos
  • woke up late, exhausted
  • went to concert
  • didn't do any moving

    SUN NOV 25: last scheduled day of apt. lease
  • began packing and cleaning the remains of the apartment in the aftermath of the movers
  • began gathering clothes from the full bedroom closet
  • began packing the kitchen, which had not even been touched yet
  • loaded the truck repeatedly in the cold rain into the wee hours but still couldn't finish

    MON NOV 26: scheduled first day back to work
  • sent email to take off an additional day of work
  • apt. manager allowed an extra day and asked us to leave him the keys in the night drop
  • apt. manager said "don't worry about it" for things wrong without doing a walk-thru with me
  • asked apt. manager to call the cell # if anything came up
  • wrote a note on a piece of white cardboard, taped the keys to it and left in the drop box at 3AM

    TUE NOV 27: actually went to work... late
  • woke up sore and aching everywhere and with more bruises than a troublemaker taking spring break in Singapore
  • back to procrastinating that night, stayed home and slept too long (late to work the next day too)

  • pick up last pinball from seller's house (scheduled Sat Dec 01 11AM)
  • move the rest of Sara's stuff from storage
  • move ~20 comic book long boxes from storage
  • move ~20 large grey tubs of classic game consoles from storage
  • general unpacking
  • sorting through the ~125 boxes now stacked in rows of the foyer (which I've proposed to rename "receiving")
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