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news: Japanese gamer notices Microsoft game system

Blue Dragon helped a little. Forza 2 helped a lot. With this news that the X-Box 360 version of Virtua Fighter 5 will have online play via X-Box Live and the will include the latest revision of the arcade game, X-Box 360 may finally have a presence in Japan worthy of notice.

A friend commented to me that the only big games they have left are Final Fantasy and Gran Turismo 4.

Square was all about Nintendo... until Nintendo couldn't keep up with Sony when the PlayStation launched, claiming they needed the disc space. Recently, Square has been interested in Sony's DS and hinted at interest in Wii while commenting negatively on the PS3 and 360. As Square-Enix, the merged company's other big title is Dragon Quest... a series that hasn't really been in need of  "next gen" hardware. When they announced that the next Dragon Quest game would be a Nintendo DS exclusive, it was big news... but not really shocking. The format of the series up until now fits perfectly in the Super Nintendo inspired world of DS games.

So you could say that the merged entity is simply better suited to the modern Nintendo platforms or you could instead acknowledge the glaring fact that Square is just a whore latching on to whoever the market leader is as an exclusive to cement a landslide victory into platform monopoly. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Wii and Nintendo DS both cost a small fraction of what it costs to make a big budget X-Box 360 or PS3 game. They could release downloadable content for next gen systems but Square has gotten far too good at selling every minor release at full retail so an $8 classic RPG remake doesn't sound likely. That's right, fanyboy: I said, "whore."

GT4.... well... at this rate, I wonder if we'll be able to compare it with Forza 3.

So Nintendo is going to have the top 80% of the market, regardless. I'm just hoping VF5 can propel them into the PC Engine or at lease Sega Mega Drive position in the current market. It wouldn't take much to get some cool games out of it.

And in case you're wondering, I'm not really so biased because I'm a Microsoft fan. The truth is I just like to see Sony suffer. The exchange of suffering is just the mutual relationship that Sony shares with their consumers. The suffering Microsoft causes is just more of just a happy accident for them and hey, Microsoft did get hit for a billion dollars this week and that's worth celebrating, too. I know that's still not enough to buy a Camaro, but it's still a large sum of money to me.
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