rtype8088 (rtype8088) wrote,

broke stuff

My home arcade is expanding but in order to do so affordably, I'm only buying things that don't work... or something. (I'm kidding... it just seems that way.)

Here's the current inventory:
Tempest  (full sized) - awesome condition, works great
Cleopatra (pinball, solid state version) - good condition, needs a score display fixed,  a light bulb changed and a bumper switch  replaced
Marvel vs. Capcom (full sized) - awesome condition, needs 1 button replaced on player 2
Galaxy (pinball) - good condition, no repairs needed
Vampire Saviour II (Japanese CPSII board set) -- these can replace the Marvel Vs. Capcom board set
Quicksilver (pinball) - awesome condition but cpu needs repair (will be shipping the board to be repaired)
Galaga (full sized, original cabinet) - cabinet is in excellent condition, board appears to have a minor ram problem, may also need new power supply

I have two other projects that I may be adding soon--will post about them when I have them in hand. :)
Tags: arcade, pinball
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