rtype8088 (rtype8088) wrote,

movin' (pt2)

The worst is over now... I think.

  • late to work
  • moved the majority of packed boxes from storage

    THU NOV 29:
  • work appreciation dinner

    FRI NOV 30:
  • moved the rest of packed boxes and misc. loose items from storage
  • coworker offered me free working fridge if I could move it from his garage, planned to go by on Sun Dec 02

    SAT DEC 01: storage no more
  • moved ~20 comic book long boxes and light wooden shelves for them from storage
  • moved old/classic consoles and games in plastic tubs, loose misc. items, and heavy storage shelves—storage facility manager watch us move the last of our stuff out

    SUN DEC 02:
  • tried to find a hydraulic lift and/or appliance dolly to move a free fridge offered by coworker – no luck; called coworker to postpone picking up fridge

    MON DEC 03:
  • crashed around 8:30pm

    TUE DEC 04:
  • called in sick – slept all day, all night
  • storage facility manager called to state that my unit was empty, asked if I wanted to cancel, and notified that I was already charged for Dec rent; may have to fight this

    WED DEC 05:
  • back at work
  • planning to purchase hydraulic lift tonight

    THU DEC 06:
  • seller scheduled to deliver/drop off last of the pinball tables

    TO DO:
  • take delivery on last pinball from seller (scheduled Thu Dec 06)
  • general unpacking
  • sorting through the ~125 boxes now stacked in rows of the foyer (which I've proposed to rename "receiving")
  • pick up free fridge
  • purchase used clothes washer
  • Tags: fridge, hydraulic lift, moving, stuff
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