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home arcade update

I haven't done a good job of keeping up with the arcade progress, so here's a monster update.
This is the current status of everything here as of today (Oct 12, 2008). More work than fun or more fun work?

video arcade cabinets:
  • Marvel Vs. Capcom (Capcom) dynamo cabinet - now running Japanese
  • Vampire Saviour II (Capcom)
  • Galaga (Namco) - audible hum, marquee light doesn't work, needs restickering
  • Tempest (Atari) - needs new T-molding; want Clay Cogwill multi-Tempest board set
  • Aero City (Sega) cabinet - empty Japanese style arcade cabinet, usage TBD :)

  • pinball tables:
  • Centaur (Bally) - playfield needs to be re-populated
  • Strikes and Spares (Bally) - cabinet needs minor touch-ups
  • Xenon (Bally) - waiting for new CPR playfield to ship
  • Cleopatra (Gottlieb) - bumpers not scoring (needs new switches), backglass and playfield need touch-up
  • Dragon (Gottlieb) - good overall condition, trade for another pinball in progress
  • Pinball Pool (Gottlieb) - not working; needs power supply installed (purchased) and new MPU
  • Gamatron (Pinstar) - not working; half-converted, needs much rewiring, other issues TBD
  • Freefall (Stern) - to be delivered soon
  • Galaxy (Stern) - playfield and backglass both need work
  • Nine Ball (Stern) - backglass flaking
  • Nine Ball (Stern) - (yes another one) playfield worn, backglass flaking
  • Quicksilver (Stern) - very minor touch-ups only
  • Seawitch (Stern) - needs flippers, bumpers cleaned and rebuilt
  • Black Knight (Williams) - trying colored LEDs, cabinet needs minor touch-ups
  • Black Knight 2000 (Williams) - no issues
  • Funhouse (Williams) - cabinet needs minor touch-ups
  • No Fear (Williams) - slingshots not functioning, needs cleaning, cabinet needs minor touch-ups
  • Terminator 2 (Williams) - jet bumper coil needs to be replaced
  • Who dunnit? (Bally Midway/Williams)- needs cleaning, cabinet needs minor touch-ups

  • misc:
  • Flash Gordon backglass - nearly perfect, removed from the Gamatron conversion
  • ArcadeVGA card - PC video card for true arcade resolutions(e.g. mame); never got this to work with any motherboard I've owned
  • Zektor ZVG - PC video card for true vector graphics output (e.g., vectormame); haven't experimented with this yet but documentation seems straight forward; see http://www.zektor.com/zvg

  • other considerations:
  • I'm considering what to eventually do with the Capcom dynamo and Sega Aero City cabinets. I'm considering multi-slot Jamma, multi-slot CPS2, Neo Geo, multi-game boards running semi-original hardware (e.g., CPS1 game collection), and of course... mame. I've considered the MultiCade type boards because of the convenience of getting something running quickly but ultimately I think it would be better to stick with mame for emulation because it's easier to modify and upgrade. MultiCade/x-in-1 multiboards are overpriced, too. I just don't believe in paying so much for pirated software. :)
  • It would also be nice to have a rotatable monitor to easily switch between running horizontal and vertical full screen modes "on the fly." The Aero City cabinet actually does this but requires a lot of effort and two people to accomplish switching it. The most successful implementations I've seen mount LCD monitors to something that looks like a wheel that can be turned in place in the cabinet and clicks to lock into either position.
  • Finally, I badly want to build a pinmame (Visual Pinball, Future Pinball) cabinet using a large widescreen 16:9 LCD as a playfield and a medium sized standard 4:3 LCD for backglass, marquee, and score display. Several people have done this and some include leaf switches like those found in actual pinball flipper buttons, accelerometers for detecting directional nudges, and tilt sensors. I wanted to also use an actual dot matrix display but no one seems to be doing that and I don't know what troubles I would run into.

  • Moderation just isn't really compatible with pinball and arcade game collecting, now is it? :)
    Tags: arcade, arcadevga, cabinets, future pinball, monitors, pinball, pinmame, vector, vectormame, visual pinball, zektor
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