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weird ass pinball news... sort-of

When it comes to Google, I'm kindof a power user.... or in the least experimental. One of my favorites is setting up custom news that searches for specific key words... such as pinball.

Results are never in short supply but like all searches, the problem is the flood of false positives -- things that contain my keywords but aren't really about the desired subject. To eliminate that, I create long lists of negative key words. e.g., Search for everything containing "pinball," but don't return the ones that also contain, "Clemens" (sports) or "Townsend" or "Daltrey" (The Who's Tommy). That helps.

To avoid filtering real news I have to exercise these negative key words cautiously which means that there are an awful lot of one-offs: things that aren't about the subject I want but wouldn't show up again often if ever.

Sometimes these false positives can be really... weird.

With pinball especially, journalists seem compelled to describe chaotic things using pinball terms in cliche metaphors and similes. Traffic accidents are common hits... just not in an easily defined formula.

Others can be really fun and interesting particularly for those of us who view the world through our Lokian and Cthonic senses that have an undying lust for all that which is chaos. Thus, these are what I've decided to call "Weird Ass Pinball News," which I'll share from time to time. And so, here is today's...

Weird Ass Pinball News for Tuesday October 14, 2008
Playing Pinball With Atoms: How To Turn Nanotech Devices On And Off
Tags: chaos, nano, nanotech, particle, pinball, quantum, search engines, subatomic, weird
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